Merchant Membership

 Financing Customers Has Never Been More Profitable!

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revenue-iconIncrease Revenue

This is a sales tool for your business. Increase your sales by advertising our "no credit needed" financing option to attract more customers to your business as a way to close more sales.

cutomer-iconEnlarge Client Base

By advertising a “no credit needed” option, you’re appealing to those customers who can’t afford the cash price and can’t qualify for your credit card option. 

funding-iconFast funding

Why wait to get paid? With our program merchants are funded directly via ACH typically within 48-72 hours.

competitor-iconOut Sell Your Competition

As a result of providing an attainable “no credit needed” financing option, your customers will use your business instead of your competitor who doesn't offer this type of financing. 

Added Value

Anything of value has a cost, but we guarantee the impact to your bottom line will far out weigh the minimal monthly cost. For information contact us

risk-freeRisk free for merchants

Most noteworthy, merchants have zero risk of customer defaults.  If something happens and the customer can no longer pay their bill, you have no charge-backs.






Retailer Remarks

A pleasure to work with…

Wentworth Tire is a independently owned tire and service facility that has been in business since 1932. We have always used conventional financing with great success but we were always searching for a secondary financing option for our customers where the conventional financing did not fit. Sandra and Wheelz on Time was that option. Sandra

Ken Jager Jr. Co-owner, Wentworth Tire Chicago, IL

Conventional financing is never one size fits all…

Automasters Tire & Service Center is an independently owned and authorized Goodyear Tire Dealer and full service shop. Our financing options werer the Goodyear Credit Card (Citibank). We did not have any alternative financing available for our customers prior to meeting with Sandra from Wheelz on Time. We understand that conventional financing is never one

Mary Vazquez Business Manager Bridgeview, IL